Pits in Hotel Rooms

We set up a full practice field in our hotel room. Anyone else do the same?


If only room service could see this…


absolutely love it, surprised you can fit it in a hotel room.
out of curiosity, why do you have elevation cubes with you?

They are excellent for propping up your robot!

Just saying.

can’t say i’ve tried it, but clever :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m dissapointed. No wall goals???

Silly question, but where are the beds? If you’re not in a suite, I suppose they could be flipped up on their sides.

Who needs beds, fields are nice and soft :stuck_out_tongue:

We haven’t done that…
Where are you? That’s a lot of room! :slight_smile:

We were going to mount wall goals but we were afraid the Spackle and paint wouldn’t dry on time to leave :smiley:

The foam tiles make a perfect bed and the Tubes from this years game make great pillows…

Maybe a pic of a drive team napping???