Pits to see at worlds 2012

I decided it would be a good idea for forum members to have a thread where we can post what we will have on display at our pits as well as which pits we want to check out on the 18th.

2243B will have this at our pit for anyone who wishes to play around with such an extreme gearbox.

And i thought the 1:235 i made was extreme…

I’m going to visit 1107B’s pit as soon as I get the chance

if you leave that running until the 18th it could lift a person

You can come by my teams pit. Not sure how often we will be around but we will have some pretty cool stuff on display.

Drop by our pits; we’ll have the famous (original) super stacker there, and we’ll be handing out strategy flyers, much like last year.

Don’t forget forum nametags so we can all recognize each other too

I know I’m going to see a couple of local team’s pits (you know… just to say “Hi”), but I will also try to stop at 44’s, 1107B’s, 569’s, 901’s (the other super stacker), and probably some more…

EDIT: I’ll have my nametag, too.


You guys should stop by my team’s(2068Z) pit, we’ve got several interesting components on our robot

stop by team 64s pit we have a motor assisted rubber band arm

Me too. I saw they made a blog post about their robot, Fred V, they won an innovate award for their “out-of-the-box” design. I can’t wait to check it out.

I’m betting it’s a wall-hopper…


haha, thanks!

link to the blog?
and i still havent seen any youtube vids on their latest robot
why the secrecy?.. :confused:

I’m guessing some game-breaking design that they don’t want people to be able to have time to strategize for

Hey, guys. My team will have tons of flyers and stuff to hand out at our pits (hopefully some candy as well). We will also have some videos of matches and practices playing at our table. We will be keeping music playing for the whole competition (Taking song requests! :wink: ) and we will be doing plenty of exploring and communicating with other teams.

I’m sure you will see me at Worlds (I’m 6’ 5", and I will have my name-tag, so I should be pretty hard to miss.) I’m seriously looking forward to putting faces to names this year, and I hope you guys will find time to come say hi to us.

We also have a very unique bot design this year that deserves a look when you get tired of seeing side-suckers ;). We’ll be doing a reveal this week, so you guys can get an inside look before Worlds.

I’m getting pumped!
Please come see us at Worlds, and, in my team’s motto:
May Your Axles Remain Ever Straight

See you guys in Anaheim!

Due to our (former) mentor taking the robotevents.com logins with him when he fled Japan and ceased contact last year, we are actually team 5492 this year. I think it’ll be back to 901 next year.

Anyway, come by, we’ll have a (improved, hopefully complete) super stacker around. And Pocky.

Because our full game objects kit and Gateway field are suffering total existence failures, I’ll be doing a looooooooooot of autonomous tweaking that Wednesday

Us on the day of every competition! :wink: lol, we’re ready this time!

Stop by at 7581H’s pit if you want to see a 3-stack scissor lift with a 1:21 gear ratio! You also might be interested to see our wheel base and our method for stopping our robot from tipping.

Is it prayer?

I’ll get some pocky :slight_smile: That stuff is good. I’ll probably be tweaking my autonomous as well so lets program together.