Pivoting Roller Intakes

I see that several teams have their intakes rubber banded which allows them to move a little bit when cubes are being sucked. Is this design better than an intake that is fixed in one position and is incapable of moving because I think that would have more tension force and theoretically be a more effective design.

yes, by pivoting the intake it can intake cubes at more orientations. Teams that don’t do this struggle to intake cubes that are anything other than head on


I believe that intakes are rubber banded and pivoted not because of intaking ability, but because otherwise the robot will no fit in the size limit.


It also makes stacking easier. With some designs, the rollers flex outward as the tray tilts forwards.

how would they stack without them moving out?

We have to use the rollers to outtake the stack so that it is not touching the rollers. It takes us about 6 seconds to stack, and this method has a higher chance of failure