PL Access error 038019E8

Hey Everyone!
I’m getting this weird error and can’t find anything online about it. I’ve narrowed it down to one line of code and it seems like any time I try to do anything with an array of vision signatures I get similar errors.
Here’s the code:

vision::signature Signatures[] = 
  Tracker1__DISK, Tracker2__DISK

static int Index = 0;
class Camera
    int num;
    vision Vision = vision(PORT21, 70);
    Vector3 Position; // position from origin
    Vector3 Angle; // x = horizontal rotation y = vertical rotation
    Vector3 Normal;

    void CalculateCameraNormal()
      Normal.x = cos(Angle.x) * cos(Angle.y);
      Normal.y = cos(Angle.y);
      Normal.z = sin(Angle.x) * sin(Angle.y);

    Vector3 CalculateObjectNormal()
      Vision.takeSnapshot(Signatures[num]); <---- This line
      return Vector3();

Any help is appreciated and Thanks!

Did you mean to use num to access? it seems that in the code sample num is not initialized.

I believe that “num” has to be assigned a value for the code to work, not just intialized.
I don’t know this language, but I think that might be your issue, since your line of code is trying to use a value that does not exist.