Placement of robot start for tower take

This is repost. After read SG1, it is not clear to me if a robot can start from shared perimeter wall. Someone suggests only side perimeter (none shared) can start robot.

we need clarification please.

a question about starting position of vex tower take over game.

The rule says robot should contact perimeter walls. The field has 4 side walls. 2 perimeter side walls shared by all, which is divided by midfield white line.

Can we starting from this shared side wall by touching it, as long as at our side of field?


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Have a look at SG1 a.
This should answer your question. I can’t copy and paste the rule from the app for some reason.

OK thats the answer i want. few of us had different understanding. thanks

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Only one side, @gilmorkn472, @wayne_lee:

Starting a Match. Prior to the start of each Match, the Robot must be placed such that it is:
a. Contacting the field perimeter wall on the side that coincides with their Alliance’s Goal Zone and Alliance Station.


Thanks. I did a dumb.

so ? what is the final answer? illegal?

No. The robot must start touching the wall that is not shared between the alliances.

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appearently , the rule causes confusion here. it must confuse lot of people as well.

VEX should make it clear.

I prefere one should be allowed to start from shared side as well.

I’d also recommend taking time to watch the referee training videos for this season. They highlight a bunch of specific situations to help referees (and teams) know what is legal, and what is not.


the not shared side has too many cubes blocking the access. the shared side enables better access for auton. we will have better game.

Nah, it’s pretty clear. In <SG1a> the phrase “on the side” indicates only a single side is allowed, and is followed immediately with “that coincides with their…Alliance Station”. The Alliance Station is also only adjacent to one side of the field.

To specify any wall would read more like “contacting the field perimeter” with no mention of any side. There would also be another point in SG1 about not being deployed across the Autonomous line. That the Autonomous Line isn’t mentioned is a big clue, as if it was something reachable from a legal starting position, there would be a rule about not starting across it.

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the “side” can be understood as game side. like team side, red team side , blue team side. it does not have to be square side. sides across the midline only have two sides : red and blue。

thus confusing

SG1: Prior to the start of each Match, the Robot must be placed such that it is:
a. Contacting the field perimeter wall on the side that coincides with their Alliance’s Goal Zone and Alliance Station

Alliance stations are only found along one field wall per “side”. Therefore, robots must start touching these walls.

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That usage is used in <SG2>, but when it is used there it’s directly in reference to the Autonomous Line. “Side” in <SG1a> is used in the same sentence as the field perimeter. The Autonomous Line goes entirely unmentioned in <SG1> and the field perimeter goes entirely unmentioned in <SG2> (or even any part of <SG1> other than <SG1a>). It is reasonable to assume that the sides being referred to are the sides of the sided object that the word was used in close proximity with.

This is especially true when an interpretation opens questions that aren’t answered, like whether a robot would be able to start with any part of itself hanging over the Autonomous Line.

If you read further into the rules, the language used in <SG1a> is also the same language used in <SG4a>. Given that <G7> limits Drive Team Members to their Alliance Station, the field perimeter on the other side of the Autonomous Line is completely unreachable, so it would make no sense to specify that they can’t put it on the side of the field they can’t reach. And if that phrase is specifying a single wall in <SG4a>, it would be reasonable to assume that the same phrase in <SG1a> is also specifying a single wall.

I’d agree with you that there is some ambiguity to the use of “side” in <SG1a> were it to stand on its own, but that ambiguity disappears if you read it in the context of the rest of the rules.


thanks for the explanation. hopefully they can make it more clear so that we do not have to making guess and search between lines.

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