Placement of the ball

I saw a lot of different placement of load balls in the triangle area. Some of them are very closed to the bar which is absolutely easy to get, others are far away evey close to the corner barrier which is hard to get. What would be the correct placement for that?

That position will be specified in appendix A of the game manual.


See the note on SG1 - VRC Over Under Game Manual - VEX Robotics

Note: The Triballs which start in each Match Load Zone must be contacting the Match Load Zone at the start of the Match. However, they may be repositioned during pre-Match setup by the Team whose Robot is using the Starting Tiles adjacent to that Match Load Zone. For example, in Figure 26, Red Robot 1 would be permitted to reposition the Triball in the lower-left red Match Load Zone.

So, the good news is, you get to make the placement best for your robot



As others have correctly pointed out you can move your match load tri-ball, as long as its still legally in the match load zone but don’t be moving the other tri-balls on the field. If you think they are out of place point it out to a ref or scorekeeper to adjust.