Places to buy vex parts?

Hi, I live in New Zealand and our school a Vex robotics team. We are having monthly competitions with Vex (although at this stage we are allowed to use non Vex parts). Our school has been luck as we have won every competition so far and have now acquired two kits and the double acting cylinder pneumatic kits. My question is does RadioShack currently sell vex parts as every time we order from Vex we have to buy at least US$200 worth of stuff then pay Us$95 for shipping (then wait a few weeks for it to arrive) and with the exchange rate this makes each order quite expensive. So are there any retail shops you can get Vex parts from so if someone was in the USA they could walk into a shop buy the parts and bring them back with them?


There are quite a few VEX resellers – check out this page on (linked from the ‘Contact’ button up top:

note: this list currently also shows HEXBUG resellers, which make up a good majority of the search results, so make sure to contact the store before visiting to see if they have any VEX product.