PLACING a cube in opponents alliance tower

Here’s a question. SG3 says we can’t contact placed cubes in the opponents alliance tower. I don’t see anything that says we can’t PLACE one. To me it reads like we can’t descore. Am I missing a rule?

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wait u cant descore one but also a question can u stack a cube on top of an opponents alliance tower to not descore it but make it invalid…

to anser your question @sabarrett328 i think it is legal but don’t quote me

It does seem a little grey. The massive risk is then contacting the cube when withdrawing from placing it, which would be a violation since it is then placed.

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This exact thing happened at my recent competition and the team who descored got disqualified. I don’t remember exactly why but I remember that’s what happened.

Also to me the alliance towers kinda seem like the protected zones because you can’t really touch any of those cubes.

Hope this helped.

Here’s the applicable rule:

SG5-Keep Cubes to yourself. Robots may not intentionally drop or place Cubes on an opponent
Robot, into an opponent’s Goal Zone, or into an opponent’s Alliance Tower.


okay so u cant place in but can u place on???

Stacking a cube ontop of a placed cube does not invalidate it is only if two are below the placeing line doing this is therefore legal as it does NOT at any point violate SG5 sdadas


There it is. And match affecting violations are a DQ so if you changed the outcome of the match either in the favour of your alliance or the opposition, you risk a DQ.

I didn’t see that. I was focused on SG3. Thanks. I knew we couldn’t take it out, but thought maybe we could put one in. It would only be to elevate a score, as a cube could then be worth 8, not 7.