Placing caps on robots

A while ago, I was at a competition, and I was carrying a cap. An opposing robot hit me, and I dropped the cap under their catapult, so they couldn’t shoot it anymore. The ref called me out for a warning, but I want to know if this is legal if you do it intentionally or unintentionally.

the rules says this

<SG6> Keep Game Objects to yourself. Robots may not intentionally drop or place Game Objects on an opponent Robot.

so its a no


You cant put balls too BTW

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You forgot G11. Not sure how to quote it, but here it is -
<G11> You can’t force an opponent into a penalty . Intentional strategies that cause an opponent to violate a rule are not permitted, and will not result in an infraction on the opposing Alliance .


It should be neither robots fault, as it was unintentional and purely incidental


You add a ">” in front of a line
Double enter to exit the quote
BTW “>” can be used to type a normal one withput turning it into a quote