Placing VexIq Field on carpet

I was doing autonomous in my house and I realized a big difference. At our comp yesterday our auton was off by alot but when I come back to my house it works. Does it matter if it is on carpet or hard floor.

The vex iq field is pretty flexible and might’ve messed up your code.

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Yes, it makes quite the difference, especially with an H-drive or in an autonomous. Personally, I put sheets of plywood under my field to make sure that it will run the same on a hard floor. I’ve also found that the robot and the game just overall work a lot better when on a hard floor.

Edit: By “carpet”, I mean carpet or a rug that will noticeably squish under your foot when you step on it.


It depends. On a deep pile shag rug the tiles may not sit flat. On a regular carpet like you would find in a library it should sit fine.

Can you post what your auton does and how it failed?


I have really soft carpet and also I moved to my garage, its cold here but I am okay.

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