Planning to join a VEX competition

Trying to check some robotics competitions. VEX Robotics competition is one of the most popular competitions in the nation. The VEX Robotics and its platform is being featured in this blog where I saw good points about continuing with the use of VEX kits. Trying to search more so I’ll be able to join the competitions next time. Should I be enrolled in any VEX course to be able to join the competition? Do I need to join a team?

Well, it depends. Are you in elementary school, middle school, or high school?

So to compete in VEX you will need to either join or start a team, and some schools will merge that to be in a course. Depending on your grade level you can either compete in Vex IQ or VRC (elementary school vs high school). Starting a team on your own is fairly expensive so I’d recommend trying to see if there’s any nearby school teams or privately run teams that you can join. Using the map on robot events ( you can adjust the filters to show teams, and then see which ones are nearby.


Oh you mean the competition is only for elementary to high school? What if I’m already in college? Isn’t there any competition for college or university students?

I see. So I have to look for nearby teams and join them in order to be part of VEX competitions. I’ll check the link you indicated here to see the nearest one and see from there. Thank you so much! Big help!

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There is a VEXU Challenge similar to VRC for college, and the new Vex AI.


Pretty cool! I’ll check this out! Thanks

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