Plastic Friction on Intake

On our robot, we are using plastic for the backplate of the intake, but the plastic we are using has a lot of friction against the disks, so we left the protective film that the plastic came with on, which reduces the friction quite a lot. I don’t know if this is legal, but the protective film will also come off with time, I was wondering if anyone knows a way to reduce the friction on bare plastic and if the protective film is legal to use during competition. I also don’t think it is the angle of our intake because there is a lot of friction when you rub a disk against a flat piece of plastic.

Frost it.

This can be achieved by sandblasting it, or just taking some low grit sandpaper and going at it.

It will become translucent and smooth.


When you say low grit, what are you thinking 80, 220, 320?

HDPE. It is legal and has half of the coefficient of friction of polycarbonate.

80 or lower. We used 80 and about 10 minutes to frost our whole intake.

my team’s quick fix is scratching the polycarb in the direction you want the discs to travel. this reduces the surface area and lowers the friction.

Our solution to this problem was a metal tray, the friction is much lower, and it made our indexing time significantly faster when shooting versus it with polycarb.
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Ok, Thank your help!

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