Plastic screws legal?

Are these screws allowed to use on a vex EDR robot?

I believe 929U used nylon screws in their ITZ world robot. So yes.

Rule R7-c allows this

As long as the screws are the legal vex sizes and they are commercially available they are fine to use regardless of their composition @Ekko

@Ekko Yes, those screws are legal.

Yep. Legal and great. They’re good for bearings

Oh, wow! I’d missed that. I didn’t realize we could use screws up to 2 feet long. Probably a typo to submit.

Edit: No, no typo. Neither the April nor the June versions say this. That " 2’ " is a misquote. The rule actually says 2", not 2’.

Sorry. I copied from a bad source. Will edit to remove any confusion

Afaik, anything from robosource is legal for vex competitions

That’s a good point that Robosource stock is likely to be competition legal. However, I would carefully read the Game Manual and Official Q&A for the season carefully. As an example, though I am not sure RobotSource sells electrical tape, you can only use certain materials for specific functions. In the case of electrical tape, wire management and taping down VEXnet key on cortex are examples of acceptable use. Using electrical tape to change how a game object interacts with a surface is not legal.

So check carefully the Game Manual and Official Q&A for legal use of materials on your robot.