Plastic Shafts

When I was watching a replay of the Vex IQ Product Unveil at Worlds (I missed the actual thing due to lunch) it was said that the number of shafts would be upped to 46. It was also mentioned that some of these shafts would be plastic. I was wondering about their properties, color, and use. I do agree that more shafts would be a good thing, but if they have a tendency to break our team may not be able to use them. I was also wondering if they would be sold in a separate pack; they would probably be much lighter on a robot system where weight can slow it down considerably.

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We will be updating our website soon with detailed information on the the changes discussed at VEX Worlds, including the new plastic shafts. The plastic shafts are made out of the same material as the VEX IQ gears and pins. The plastic shafts will be black in the VEX IQ base sets so they can be easily differentiated from the metal shafts in building instructions.

The plastic shafts are ideal for low and medium-torque applications like intake mechanisms or claws or idler shafts. They are not suitable for high-torque applications like the main pivot joint for a heavy arm. For this reason, the VEX IQ base sets will contain both plastic and metal shafts, so you can use the one best suited for your application.

The plastic shafts will also be sold in a new separate add-on kit. Details will be posted on our website soon.


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