Plastic sheet starting size limit

My team coach recently purchased a sheet of polycarbonate from VEX.
As per R9, you cannot have a sheet of plastic starting larger than 12"x24", so would this be illegal? I would search on the forum for discussion but the freshmen are a bit too excited to stick their cutting tools into it.

Quick update: he bought it under the VEX PRO section, would that make it legal?

It doesn’t matter what size sheet you start with, as long as all the parts you use on the robot can be arranged to fit into 12x24” then you’re good.

VEXPro parts are not part of the EDR line, so they are not normally legal. In this case, however, you can use polycarbonate purchased from any source as long as it meets the requirements in <R9>.


Alright, thanks. The freshmen will proceed to cut that sheet apart like its Julius Caeser.


yes, the pieces that you cut have fit in a 12 by 24 piece and if it does, you are set to go!

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