Plastic Sheets Needed

Hi everyone,

I am wanting to buy 6x12 thin plastic sheets. About 6 of them. My team needs them ASAP before our competition. We will pay the cost of shipping! Do let me know if you are able to provide the plastic sheets. (email removed by moderators)


Find a vrc ep. You can use the ‘seesaw’ from last year’s game field.

You can for use that plastic for VRC. The VEXIQ plastic is much thinner and has specific sizes and hole patterns.

@shyamNitin, good luck on your search. There was a similar post here awhile ago and I sent my stock to them.


This is in the IQ discussion so I imagine the OP needs the specific IQ legal thin sheet parts.

This is IQ. You can not use any large sheet cut down to a “legal size” or whatever. Only the purchased thin plastic sheets from Vex are competition legal.


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