Plastic structure


With metal C-channels, teams are encouraged to not build advanced gearboxes / transmissions, because of the extra friction and weight the metal C-channels add.
Plastic C-channels might not be the only solution, having parts that are light and can be the structure of gearing systems would probably help.


This is definitely an interesting idea! I would add that the plastic C channels should also have round holes, which would prevent the bolt “wiggle” that leads to imperfections in symmetry and eliminate the need for a bearing flat altogether.

Also, I think it’s worth noting that the plastic C channels would likely be decently strong. Regular, 0.03" thick polycarb is absurdly easy for me to bend with my hands, yet when creased just once, it has enough structural integrity to support 3 stars on the end of a 22" strip.


… Is that… is that a robot leak?


bruh Vex IQ


Vex IQ isn’t as competitive, and this isn’t supposed to replace all the metal C-channels.


and VEX U