Plastic thickness?

Hey so my team is brand new this year and we were looking at plastic usage rules. >R7<. We are having issues finding legal plastics without just ordering from We saw some teams at a previous competition using literal cutting boards as intake slopes. Rules about this? Also they had to go through a inspection before competing of course.

In R9 it states that the legal thickness is anything up to 0.070 inches (1.778 mm) thick.

And define “cutting board.” That sounds pretty thick, which means that it probably wasn’t legal.
Hope this helps! Keep me posted. :v:


The rule about plastic is
Anything on is legal and easy to get.


As an inspector, I wouldn’t pass something that violated the rules… and I usually know them fairly well. However, sometimes the volunteer inspectors don’t know the details of the rules very well and things get past them. A cutting board would be a legal source ONLY if the plastic in it met all the requirements in R7 (It might just be legal). Heck, many teams recycle plastic from previous field elements.

While you might not have a local supplier for all the different types of legal plastic, check with a local hardware store or Lowes/Home Depot. They should be able to get you something. But since they don’t specialize in it, it might be more expensive than Robosource or another online supplier you could find in a search.


Gotcha thank you! We are gonna look into some hardware stores are us and if I can’t find anything go back to robosource.

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Awesome. Glad I could help.

That seems too thick. If you see this happen again, maybe ask a judge/ref?

Your wording makes me think you don’t realize that judges and referees are two entirely different volunteers at events. You’ll be lucky to find a judge that knows the plastics requirements (unless they also alternate at various events as a referee, too). On the other hand, referee’s will know the specifics of the game manual. At any particular event, referees are officiating the game, and judges are reviewing engineering notebooks, interviewing teams, and determining who will received the awards like Excellence, Design, etc.

I am aware. However, they are figures one might ask-
Sorry, I guess?

This is what I envisioned when I pictured “cutting board” plastic on a robot… a flexible one.

NOTE: I am NOT recommending this. I didn’t look past the picture and have no idea what type of plastic this is.

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