Plastic Tubing

I was going through my old LEGO stuff and i came across the LEGO tubing, (the stuff that looks like this (the stuff on the top, and right)) and i realized that they were pretty solid in terms of holding small amounts of air pressure, could i use this along with a low pressure system of my design, or are they really to bridle in pressure wise?:confused:

well, i dont know how you could implement those into a design, but they should hold some pressure before whatever fitting you have blows off.

I think they would leak. The ends dont seem solid enough to hold pressure I’m looking at that very peice right now, I guess you guld use silicon or something.

The actual lego pneumatic tubing is different. I doubt you would be able to use any of that stuff for air pressure. What you have there are just parts to make legos look “cool”. The lego pneumatic tubing would definitely be able to hold a decent amount of pressure if you could find a way to secure the ends.

possibly I have pneumatics on a backhoe I built and The lines will blow off if I pump up the lines a lot. I’m not sure f you would be able to contain much pressure but it could work. What if you had a tank and these lines were only used to move the pressure? This way there would not be any pressure built up in the line.

i doubt it would work if u bend those they often will have tiny holes or cracks in them

Yea thats true, Is this for competition? Could you use something like fuel tubing from a car? You can buy it with a silicon lining but it can be expensive.

thats a good idea, but as he said that could turn up pricey.

I’m not sure how much you’ll need but it was like $3 back in the day when I bought some for my tractor. It looks very durable and is resistant to alcohol fuel so i’m assuming it’ll hold some air.

No it isnt for a competition it is just for personal use, and it isnt going to be used to hold any enormous amounts of pressure, just like pressure for pumping air or water, not really pressure build up.