Plastidip on Remotes?

Since the Q&A for NbN is closed, do you guys think it would be illegal to plastidip the outer shell of one of my VEX Remotes? Its not modifying electronics, and it was approved earlier this year for use on robots. I’m really just a big believer in customization and “dip” almost everything I own. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably, I’ve seen plenty of teams with plasti dip on their controllers.

My controller is curently drying, 4 Layers of gloss orange (team color).

It is classified under rule <R7> section d

Teams may add non-functional decorations provided that these do not affect the robot
performance in any significant way or affect the outcome of the match. These decorations
must be in the spirit of the competition. Inspectors will have final say in what is considered
i. Anodizing and painting of parts would be considered a legal nonfunctional decoration
ii. Any guards or decals must be backed by legal materials that provide the same
functionality. i.e. If your robot has a giant decal that prevents Scoring Objects from
falling out of the robot, the decal must be backed by VEX material that also prevents the
Scoring Objects from falling out.