Plate position problem

We read the rules of VEX EDR carefully and notice that the center of the plate , which has a ball under it , should be placed in the center of the exact foam pad.

But we’ve experienced several competitions and find that the center of the ball is always placed in the center of the foam pad.

The position of the plate really matters during the auto competition.
So we want to discuss about the position of the plate. :smiley:

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  1. If you notice a variance with the field setup from the rules, politely and respectfully speak with the head ref before the start of competition and bring it to his/her attention.
  2. The Field Specifications manual lists the position of the balls and caps on the field as having a tolerance of +/- 1.5", and most other things on the field have a tolerance of +/- 1", so make sure your robot is designed to function properly within those tolerances.
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Thx ! :)
We know some tolerances are allowed.
But we just wonder if the plate is placed precisely, it should be the center of the plate or the center of the ball in the middle of the foam pad.

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The last page of the field appendix has a dimension drawing of the placement of game objects.

You can reach your own conclusions by viewing it. Seems to me it is the center of the combined ball/cap.

Regardless, the 1.5" tolerance is greater than the distinction you are trying to make. Either the ball or the cap could be centered on that tile, and the placement would be within tolerance.

That makes sense. Thanks a lot!

you can always ask field setters to adjust it to your liking