Platform height

Does anyone know how tall the platforms are?

Have you checked the manual?

Well, anyways, I’m pretty sure they’re ~2" PVC pipes for one platform, which puts the center plat. at ~4" off the ground.

Again, please check the manual to confirm.

Yes, they didn’t specifically spell it out but we did find the dimensions, we were just trying to confirm it.

Actually, they do! It is in Appendix A of the game manual - you will find the manual and appendices In the Competition Teams section of There are many many important documents there.

While the manual claims 2.4 inches for the red and blue platforms, 4.9 for the center platform, the CAD file suggests the red/blue platforms can be nearly 3 inches off the mat.

The reason is that the platforms have feet which extend through the mat and contact the floor BELOW the mat.

The variance that is possible, in my opinion, means the center platform could be as much as 5.2 inches above the mat, depending on assembly.

Oh, with the foam roll, the CAD file shows the tubes of these platforms are 2.7 inches diameter.