Platform Moving

Me and my team are disagreeing about the platform because when we built it only one side of the platform was supported under the field tiles so the side away from the wall moves. Is that supposed to happen of did we miss a step while building it? I know it’s late in the season but Me and my team haven’t been to an in-person comp so I haven’t seen what it’s supposed to do.

It depends on how much it moves. Rule G19 states that there will be minor field element variation of up to 1 inch. Also, I’m not sure if this is 100% accurate but I asked my mentor about the same question a few weeks ago and he said that it needs to be able to move slightly so as not to damage the field if a robot comes plowing into it. However this all only applies for tiny movements. If the movements are more than 1 inch than it is not supposed to happen and it should be secured until the movements are less than 1 inch as per G19.

only 1.5 inches? Ours moves at least 3.5 inches.


Actually I just reread G19, field element variation is only allowed up to 1 inch, scoring object up to 1.5 inches (I edited my post to correct it). 3.5 definitely isn’t good though.

Yeah… It keeps getting stuck on the wall :frowning:


Yeah it gets stuck on the wall then the platform wont be considered balanced bc it is being supported


Yeah… this is really annoying during practice


Yeah it’s definitely not supposed to do that. The base shouldn’t even touch the wall when it’s correctly positioned and properly secured. You should make sure you have it secured to the field and in the proper spot.

where is it supported on under the tiles because we only have it on one side near the wall

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It should be supported on both sides, especially the side not near the wall because that will be more prone to large movements.

The platform leg closest to the wall should be secured to the wall with standoffs. The leg farthest from the wall should be mounted to a plate under the tiles.

Even done properly the platforms are very janky though. Being able to wobble large amounts is pretty normal.


There have been numerous discussions on this - at least in the Facebook realm. Many EP were looking for ways to reduce the wear on the platforms.

One option was to put the field feet against the wall to help maintain the separation.

Many also used the large steel plates from earlier games to keep the outer support aligned. Both take far more abuse than the designers expected.

As a public service I would be happy to make my teams available to the GDC to test the game elements before they are released to production.


This clears up my issue. We have the plate under the tiles on the side with the standoffs. I will talk with my teacher about changing this.

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we have the same thing.

I think this is how they said to do it in the instructions, but I may be wrong.

I admit the instructions are a bit confusing, but the plate under the tiles should be furthest from the wall.


3.5 inches mine dismantled itself.


as it should, We put our together wrong I believe.

We changed it to the way it is supposed to be and it works a lot better now. Thanks for all your help everyone!