Platform Rule Question

I currently have a robot that has a ball herder near my intake rollers and I’ve found that it has another use. It can flip down onto my opponent’s platform and prevent them from driving up to the top platform. The question I have is if the opponent robot flips while I’m trying to protect my position on the top platform, and my bar is touching the opponent’s platform, and they flip off of their platform, do I get penalized or is it legal to flip robots off of the platform if I’m trying to hold my ground?

yes, iim pretty sure it is legal to fight and push other robots off as long as you are on the top platform and defending your spot on it.

Although, while touching the alliance platform, you are not counted as center parked. Make sure not to be touching their platform at the end of the match.

Also make sure your robot isn’t taller than 18" when it is flipped down.