Platform score clarification

In the definition of balanced for an alliance goal it doesn’t clarify much about external forces acting on the platform such as robot interference from the ground attempting to lift the platform in order to score the game objects/robots placed on it. Would these be considered scored or would this be a violation of a rule for the lifting robot

Balanced - A Platform state. A Platform is considered Balanced if all of the following criteria are met at
the end of a Match:

  1. The Platform is roughly parallel to the field.
  2. Both flat surfaces of the Platform hinges are contacting the Platform base, as shown in Figure 7.
  3. Robots and / or Scoring Objects contacting the Platform in their Alliance Home Zone are not also
    contacting any other Field Elements, such as foam field tiles or the field perimeter.
    a. For the purposes of this definition, contact is considered “transitive” through other Robots and
    Scoring Objects. For example, as shown in Figure 9, contact with a Mobile Goal that is resting on
    top of the field perimeter would not satisfy the definition of Balanced.

To answer your question that wouldn’t count. You han’t use a game element to help balance the platform.


Oh I misinterpreted that. I read it as the objects being scored couldn’t touch field objects. Thank you

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