Playable simulator for Change Up + Online Competitions

It’s time to check-in for today’s event! There are 15 minutes left for you to register! We are still looking for more participants! Register to compete now at

@WaterGamer Thanks much for adding Change Up. A couple questions:

  1. The MacOS download link doesn’t do anything for me, is it broken?
  2. With the PC version, should the Logitech controller be in X mode or D mode? I’ve tried both, but the robot always just drifts counter clockwise and doesn’t respond to the controller.
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  1. There is a macOS download link at the xRC website, which should download a ZIP file containing the .app that can be opened on Macs. I just verified that this download button did work in my browser, so perhaps try in a different browser if it isn’t working for you?
  2. The game works best with XInput controllers, so your Logitech controller should be in “X mode” (to simulate an Xbox controller). If the controller is not detecting your input, it is possible that the controls are configured incorrectly, or perhaps your PC is detecting another USB device as a controller input and that input is overriding your controller?

Just FYI, we did update the VEX V5 controller (some changes to the HID implementation) in vexos 1.0.11 so that connected to either PC or Mac with a USB cable it works with this simulator without having to use the workaround that @Sylvie created.


Sorry for the very delayed response. @jpearman this is awesome, and I confirmed the VEX controllers work with the simulator. @WaterGamer thanks for the response. I had a virtual HID controller that I found in Device Manager, perhaps from the FRC dev system? After disabling it, the sim robot doesn’t drift around anymore. Any thoughts on having another Change Up tournament? Our “live remote” event was canceled due to the software not being ready yet, and I wish we could at least join a xRC tournament.

Does the Xbox controller work with this? I know that the Logitech controller works on X mode, which is similar to an Xbox controller but just want to clarify?

I have used the Xbox one controller with this with no issues, The 360 controller probably also works.


I have downloaded and everything now how do i actually run the sim?

If you are downloading for Windows, you should run the EXE installer then launch the sim from the start menu after the installation finishes. For macOS and Linux, you will download a zip archive that you should extract and store somewhere on your computer, then launch the “.app” on macOS or the “x86_64” on Linux. If you have further questions, feel free to join our Discord for more support!