Playground Locked up!

I have reached an odd impasse with this. I have been using VEX-VR for 2 year no hiccups and now the playgrounds will not load. I have tried clearing the cache/cookies etc but nothing. I went to File/About/and tried to clear the playground cache but it says my browser (current Chrome) does not support the playgrounds. WOW, every other computer in my classroom does. What the heck. Any clues on how to get this to work??? Can I unhook from VEX VR so that it does not recognize my system any longer? Then go back in. The issue started with the Coral Reef Clean up. I noticed it being slow. After this happened I also started having problems with Makerbot cloud printing. The page for printing would not work.
I have reinstalled Chrome on the system and it still does the same things. The school techs are at a loss as am I.

No need to create a new topic when you brought up this issue in another thread you revived and has response.

So reach out to VEX support on Monday.