Playing objects out of play

After watching some video of catapult robots at our recent competition a question came to mind: if a robot shoots a ball (any size) over the wall and it either bounces off the ground and hits a driver/coach, or directly hits a driver/coach, then bounces back inside the playing field, what would be done to the ball? The referees can’t walk into the field and pluck the ball out of a group of robots, and it may be illogical to keep track of the offending ball, especially if more than one ball is bouncing off humans.

Since <G4> states:
‘Balls that leave the playing field are considered out of play. These objects will NOT be returned to the field.’

and <SG3> states:
‘…Accidental contact will not be penalized, unless the contact directly impacts the final score of the match. This type of accidental contact will result in a disqualification’

What happens?

You really need to post this in the “Official Q&A” forum. I’m looking forward to seeing the answer.

Amusing thought. I’d be quite entertained to see a strategy revolving around this. (distract the drivers? :D)

esp guys’

If you make this a “strategy”, how would it be reasonable to consider the contact “accidental”?

haha quite true.
did it happen at gladstone?

One almost hit me but I got out of the way. I’m pretty sure one bounced off one of my teammates though. Not game-changing in any way but I can imagine it making a difference.

just tell your drivers to dodge it :stuck_out_tongue:

official response

Also, in response to you Murdomeek, I doubt anyone would have been able to dodge the football at 1:46,

especially with the tunnel vision that comes with driving your robot.