Please can you all vote for the VEX Promotional videos

Hi all,

Some teams have gone to a great deal of effort in producing videos this year. Please could you all take a little time and have a look at them at

Even better can you register and vote for them. All of them have their own merits and I am sure the teams would like constructive feedback comments and a vote.

Try to resist just looking at and voting for the popular ones. :slight_smile: We love some of them and feel they need more attention.

If your team has not entered a video your votes will be even more valuable.

Good luck to all of you going to Dallas!

Thanks for your time.

Yeah I agree with you my friend. My team haven’t posted any videos so I’m voting a lot! watching all of them and choosing the best quality.

Hey! Watch over! Don’t vote in a video just because it looks good, before doing that, take a look at the points are being considered in promote award.

To add to Silv3r’s comment.

Just note that the points are ONE or more of the points. Not all of them.