please help a Ugandan child with his project

Do you really want your arm motor and claw motor to be controlled by the same channels as your drive motors?

Do you really want your arm motor and claw motor to be controlled by the same channels as your drive motors?

Can you post a picture of your drive? It sounds like excessive friction is causing the motors to stall.

Are you pushing the 8L button when you see your stall behavior?

If you push the 8L button, you call the defined function “accelerate”. The “accelerate” function performs its while loop every 0.1 second, and you are counting up from 1 to 127. So that while loop would take about 12.7 seconds before it would pass control back to the main task and start reading your joystick controller, which might stop your robot if you are not pushing on the joystick.

If you do not push the 8L button, does the robot stall out after 10 seconds?

Also, if you are not actually using all of those pragma statements, you should probably delete them and keep only the sensors, etc. that you are actually using.

You can give the motors any name you want, so perhaps it would be best to re-name your clawMotor and armMotor as “wheelMotor1” and “wheelMotor2” or something like that so it is not confusing.

As far as over-riding safety features: that is not legal in Vex competition. And over-riding for your own uses runs the risk of setting your system on fire, which I don’t think you want to do.

Im confused, it looks as if you have the “accelerate” function is a “while” function. Then you use the “While” function inside another “while (1==1)” function.

Basically, you can’t put “while” functions in “while” functions. Use an “if” instead for the “accelerate” function.

If you are meaning motors burning out, yes. It its possible to bypass the PTC. The fact is that it is very detrimental to your motors and could start a fire and is illegal in competition, if you ever did that. Instead your problem could be solved by a little bit of friction work in a safe way.

You could try slew rate

I am afraid that in posting about how to bypass the PTCs, other (new) members of the vex community will take the instructions to their competition robot. Also, it’s better to solve the problem in a safer and more in pvstive way.

As @DanielIW26 mentioned, it is most likely a friction problem. Would you mind posting picures of your robot so we can see if there is anything obviously wrong with it?

But If it is just friction, make sure that you use bearings everywhere, make sure your axles spin freely on the bearing (nothing is locked up) and that the motors are not fighting anything/each other. Also make sure that all motors are in fact working.

A PTC is just a resistor. It’s the yellow thing inside the motor on the side. To bypass the PTC, just connect the two sides. :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to pry, and I’m not sure if my comment will violate forum rules. But are you actually Ugandan? If I type “Ugandan child” into google image search, your profile picture is literally the sixth result. Of course this is by no means conclusive evidence of deception. Maybe your account is like a joke account, which I guess is okay because no is really getting hurt, but the title of “please help a Ugandan child” makes me feel a little uneasy especially if you aren’t actually Ugandan. Or maybe you are Ugandan and I’m just a jerk.

I did the same thing and was thinking the same thing before this post. I just didn’t want to sound like a jerk either.

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Well, being that this “User from Uganda” was using a Canadian e-mail address, I think it’s safe to assume that this entire story was false. The user’s account has been banned for multiple violations of the Forum Rules in his last post. Happy monday!