Please help (Fly Wheel)

Hey guys I’m kinda in a hurry but my team os going to canada any help with the fly wheel

First of all, what is wrong with it. Second of all, if you would tell us the issue we could help you fix the problem. I am guessing that you cannot shoot because neither of your wheels are going fast enough to propel the disc into the high goal. The best fix would be to increase the velocity of your wheels to make the disc go far enough, via gearing. However, since you have 2 wheels both of which would need gearing, it may be more profitable to forgo one of the wheels and have 2 geared up motors powering a single wheel at high velocity. You would subsequently need to build up the wall on the other side.


Do you mind explaining what the problem is with it?

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What is your problem?

I’m guessing the problem is it isn’t launching far enough. This would be due to it not having enough speed. I would recommend that adding a 7:1 gear ratio on each side would be effective, as so it gets enough speed to launch the disc.

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If you don’t want to add gearing you could also add a 1:1 cartridge to each motor.

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whoa thats awesome what are you gonna do in canada?!


What kind of help do you need? Please be specific about what trouble it’s having and we’ll be better able to help you.

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Okay I’m sorry we were trying to make a fly wheel with what we have we do have gears etc but there’s not enough space to add gears for 3000 rpm

You could do a custom cartridge 3600 flywheel

Maybe try a cartridgeless flywheel. Remember to add rubber bands!

To add gears you need to have 2 c channels per flywheel instead of the one you have currently. I’d highly recommend checking out Harvard Westlake’s flywheel build video, specifically the gearbox: 5 Shooter PT1 - YouTube
You don’t have to use their exact spacing but this should give you a good starting place for fitting in gearing.

My team tried that way but it was completely unreliable and in the whole competition we only scored 5 high goals. Now we decided to not bother with the shooter and focus and everything else. Someone did tell me though that we should have had two motors powering 84 tooth gears that connected to each other and went to a 12 tooth gear. Then they said we should have it only on one side.

First, if you are running 2 flywheels, you only need 1500 rpm for each.

Secondly, you can probably cut slots in the c channel and place the gears inside the channel. But it looks like you’ve plenty of room to mount additional channel above the existing one… and put gears in/on/under/etc it.

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