Please Help: My VEX IQ Brain is blank white. NO DISPLAY

Dear All,

My Vex IQ Brain is blank white and has no display anymore, just plain white. It turns on but it has no
display. It can’t also be turned off.

The problem started when I compile and download a program from ROBOTC, it seems the code has
errors. Then after that it has an error message displayed on the LCD screen. So I turned it off and when
I turned it on the display is totally gone. I cannot find the DEFAULT program anymore. I can’t also
turned it off. To turned it off is only to remove the battery.

How to reset the IQ BRAIN? or other solutions that I can continue using my IQ Brain.
Please Help.




Sorry you are having this rare problem - I have not seen this issue before.

To try to resolve this issue, please remove and reinsert the Robot Battery into the Robot Brain. Ensure the Robot Brain is off. Then hold down both the Up and Down buttons on the Robot Brain while turning the Robot Brain on via the Check button. The LCD should display the following text:

VEX Robotics Inc. DFU

Connect to PC

for Program Update


Now connect the Robot Brain to your computer with the USB cable, and open the VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility application. Click on the Update button on the Robot Brain row to reinstall current firmware to the Robot Brain.

If this does not work, please contact VEX Support at or 1-903-453-0802.for more detailed assistance.


  • Art

Thanks Art!

I already resolved the problem. I Opened the Vex IQ Firmware installed in my PC, and go to the Help menu, and clicked the Restore Brain Firmware.
It’s all good now!