Please help- new to VEX

Hi, I am new to VEX robotics
I found an already built VEX IQ with remote in a store cupboard at our school.

I have charged the unit and remote, but the screen says visit

I have stumbled across some software called VEXcode IQ - v2.0.7 ??

If somebody could provide me with a very simple step by step guide on how to get my robot to work from this point- that would be amazing

Thank you in advance

Download vexos update. VEXos Firmware Updates - Products - IQ - VEX Robotics
Run the software, then plugin the brain to the computer.


Hi and welcome to the forum. What a great thing to find in a cupboard!

For everything you need to know, visit the Knowledge Base:


Specifically, here’s the KB article on updating the firmware (which is called VEXos) in your VEX IQ system to resolve this issue:

Once the firmware is up to date, then you can use VEXcode IQ to write custom programs for your VEX IQ robot.


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