please help

can somebody please make me a pid loop or a bang bang for my single flywheel, it has 6 motors on it i want it to go back up to speed when it goes down

Hello Fazerain,

There are a lot of resources available on the VEX Forum, including a lot of code you can copy and paste or adapt for your robot depending on what language you program in. It’s very likely the answer you’re looking for is already posted in another thread. If we use the Search bar located at the top of the Forum or your favorite search engine, we get a number of potential results.

Here’s some posts about Bang Bang, a thorough tutorial on Take Back Half, and a few guides to programming your own PID controller here and here. There is also a PID controller tutorial here.

Any of these control schemes should work with your single flywheel. Make sure you have a sensor like an Optical Shaft Encoder or an Integrated Encoder Module to provide velocity feedback on your flywheel.

Good luck!