Please help

Okay so we have a catapult and we are starting a ball feeder but are catapult is just under 18 in so we were wondering if anyone knew how to make the catapult go down to a certian point and stop by itself if anyone does this with their robot can you please say exactly what you are doing and also send me pictures. This is crunch time for me with only 2 weeks till state. I will attach pitures of the robot tommorow.

use a ratchet. it holds down the catapult when loading.

Robotics (8.45 MB)

a limit switch or bumper switch to make it automatic.

A potentiometer with a V5 hold function, if you have it. I’m using a ratchet like @Xenon .

Can someone send pictures of the ratchet

I attached a video above.

Can you send me some pictures of the ratchet the video is hard to puase in a certain point

I don’t have any pictures at the moment