Please send pics of bots below

Send Below for ideas

robot showcase?

better than creating something vague


Instead of begging people on the VEX Forum for robot leeks, why don’t you do some research of your own (on YouTube) : ). It sounds much better in your notebook when you say “I researched robot designs on YouTube” rather than “I asked people on the VEX Forum for robot photos”. Also keep in mind that your robot must represent the skill level of your team so I would advise against copying any previously revealed robot designs.


We are also doing that

Do note you can find lots of robots ideas here:

and many other topics for this season.

Use the search function of VEXforum that will help you find similar threads.

Putting it in Chit-Chat/ Rumor Mill is not a good category to look for ideas. Otherwise you will have response like this:

Don’t wire your robots to cause shorts at Worlds resulting in robot melting down in a big plume of magic smoke being released!

Probably not what you need:) and the should be in “Cursed Images” topic.


I am hoping this is a joke or something because it is in chitchat/rumor but if it is not them I am gonna go ahead and tell you that if you can’t simply do your own research and instead make an entire unnecessary thread with very little detail and words to just ask for a picture of other peoples robots they spent there time designing then you should not even be on a vex team… Kinda ridiculous in my opinion.


Agreed - same posts from a month ago. Flagged for review with poster.

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