Please this is a desperate call to save my flywheel robot

Can anyone help me with my flywheel? So basically when I use the the flywheel, it works fine except it doesn’t shoot far at all. Then it slowly gets slower and slower, I assume because of the motors being overloaded. I attached my code and a picture of the flywheel.

Thanks so much!

Is there frictions? Also try adding a bar on top so it isn’t cantilevered.

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What type of motor is it because I would personally use a blue motor for a flywheel because It is the fastest In my opinion

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can you post more photos of the gearbox, we need to see in there as this seems to me to be a friction issue. how loud is it, does the flywheel shake when shooting?

on our team’s flywheel, something that we had issues with was having our flywheel mounted on too tight earlier in this season. After we fixed this problem our flywheel ended up working nicely ever since. so I would suggest making sure nothing is screwed on too tight.

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Im not sure i can help ro much woth the code aspect but aa for the physical fw i would consider supporting the shaft ontop and bottom. You can also add weight to the fw using eiyher vex fw weights or custom weights made from 84toth gears with screws and a bunch of ny locks. More weight means the fw looses less speed when fireing disc. You can also incrwase compressio. Sobit squeezes the disc more which should also shoot ot farther.


You should have motor watts <2.5 watts PER motor in this setup, preferably even less than that. If not… you’ve got a friction problem and/or a problem w/ motors not starting at exact same time (and fighting against one another).

increased compression of the disk greatly improved the design. thanks so much!

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