Please use the search feature before posting questions

Over the last few days we seem to keep getting the same questions over and over again.

Please use the forum search feature before positing your questions.
Also use google with the site set to vex forum, as an example, entering the following in the the google search box


will return numerous threads from this forum discussing PID control loops.

This seems to be an overly broad statement that might discourage appropriate questions regarding specific implementations of PID. For example, Blue Rooster’s PID library from the summer session had a Robot c and EasyC implementation, the former was tested thoroughly, but not the latter. Now one could argue that the questions might be best. Directed to the author. However, bringing this topic back in in the foreground could benefit others as well… From casual inspection, it does not seem that the is a deluge of questions surround PID as compared to any other topic across many sub forums here.

What am I missing here?

I wasn’t specifically saying that there were many questions on PID, it just seems that we are getting many “similar” questions recently. A few examples.
measuring rpm
flywheel velocity
motors jittering
PTC tripping

that could easily be researched by using the search feature.

To be fair, this a normal development occurrence for all novice participants in any forum. Rather than a blanket “do it this way”, which will be missed by the next batch of new comers to the forum, or perceived as intimidating, perhaps a more effective approach is to embed this advice with your response answers to question, as Karthik does with answers. Another approach is to have FAQ pinned at the top of forum.

The reality is you have a very eager community of very motivated young creative people pressed for time that will ignore such sage advice. I worry that some may be discouraged from asking questions that are timely and shared by many in the same situation. I am not sure what the most effective approach is. I do know it will never go away, as frustrating as it may seem.

Perhaps it’s the new format, I just notice a difference. Sticky posts don’t seem to be working unless you are not logged in (when viewing all channels, it does on the sub forums).

I also find the repetitive, simple questions annoying, but I also find it annoying that you can’t search up 3 letter terms easily.