Plexi Glass Sack Attack?

Hey guys
I was just wondering what the max amount of plexi glass a team is allowed to use for the Sack Attack Competition?

Christian :smiley:

Plexiglass is illegal. Polycarbonate 0.08" thickness is what you’re looking for. You’re allowed a single sheet sized 12"x24". Pay special attention to “single sheet” meaning that all the pieces of polycarbonate on your robot have to be able to be re-pieced into a single 12"x24" sheet (e.g. you can’t have a 15"x15" piece).

.08" is actually to thick, you are looking for a .0625" piece of Lexan/Polycarb.

  • Andrew

Whoops, thanks for the correction Andrew.

Perfect thanks guys :slight_smile:

as stated above it must be from 1 sheet of 12X 24. equal in area is not the same, so keep that in mind when you are designing and building.

Again, I can’t resist.

The amount (and type(s) and shape(s)) of raw plastic you are allowed to mechanically modify, and then incorporate as functioning parts in your robot is…

precisely the amount specified in the rules.

Do yourself a favor. Please read and remember the rules, before asking other folks to read and remember them for you. You will be a better VRC participant for having done that.