Plexi Glass

What type of plexi glass can we put on our robot, and where can we get it?

check the rules, non shattering plastic

Yes, no plexi glass. You must use polycarbonate or some other non-shattering plastic. I’ve gotten all of mine from

Check out

Thanks for the shoutouts for Robosource. :slight_smile: I’m pretty confident that we have the lowest prices anywhere online, but you might be able to save a little bit if you get a deal with a local shop where you can buy big sheets in bulk.

If you need it quickly, you can also get VEX legal polycarbonate on Amazon with free Prime shipping:

Bought ours from Robosource also…great prices and fast shipping.

I am also really impressed with Robosource as a polycarb supplier. :slight_smile:

+1 for robosource, great parts for a good price.

If you use polycarbonate, it can be cold formed (no heat strip) using a bending brake( i.e. Harbor Freight $38) to make nice clean square corners. It can be hand formed on a sharp corner, it just takes more practice. On a bigger bending brake I have cold formed polycarbonate up to 1/4" thick.