Plexiglass limit - rationale

And even then, Lexan is just one brand of polycarbonate.


our robot uses exactly 2 of those tray segments… plus about 1/3 of another one… oops… might want to look into those zipties.

okay so I did the math and we use exactly 278.88 square inches, give or take a few. so we’re good, but close.
(I’m not looking at my robot right now, so I’m going by if what you say is true).

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Polycarb is also useful for other applications so you’d only be doing yourself a favor to find an alternative for trays since it uses practically all of the allotted polycarbonate. You could probably use polycarbonate on the first stage and then rest could be zipties mainly because it would best align the cubes (giving them a flat surface to square themselves against) and in theory they’d follow that alignment up the intake.

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What other uses for polycarb are you thinking of? I can only think of the tray backing

Flaps on the side of the bot to prevent pushing

Increasing the legal amount of polycarb is long overdue.
More polycarb leads to more creative designs and less copy bots.


There are a bunch of small things that poly carb is useful for, particularly the custom parts you can make from bending and cutting it. Anything from custom gussets, protection or decoration.

I have a question. If polycarbonate is used as a non-functional decoration, is it legal? You can add stickers to it and things of that nature. Namely, a polycarbonate plate like the one on the back of this robot: (448x Goofy bot) Would it be considered non-functional even though it sort of protects the back of the robot?


If it’s sole purpose is decoration, the piece should not count towards the limit.

If it’s deemed to be protecting the back of the robot, I don’t think it’ll count as non-functional.

That said, I think the polycarbonate allowance needs to be upped.


Put an aluminum plate behind it, then it’s okay. But otherwise probably no.


Oh that’s a good idea. I might just put a cross brace behind it and if need be I’ll make it easy to remove.

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