Plexiglass requirements

Can someone fill me in on the plexiglass requirements?

Please take a look at the game manual: ( specifically section R-9 regarding legal plastics.

“plexiglass” is an illegal plastic. It’s bad practice to refer to “all plastics” as plexiglass. You’ll probably want to use polycarbonate.

Also, I would recommend robosource as a good place to get legal plastics:


In many, from what I experienced, lexan(polycarbonate), is usually referred to as plexiglass, so if lexan is the plastic which you are referring to, it would be allowed for VRC, but only a limited amount.

yeah it is polycarbonate

and it is from robosource

Robosource only stocks vex legal parts, so you don’t have to worry.


I know.
insert characters to meet requirements

Yeah I bought legal VEX polycarbonate (1/16" thick) from Robosource and the head judge said it was illegal. He couldn’t find any calipers to measure it but he said it wouldn’t fly at states. Idk about him but I’m pretty sure 0.0625<0.07.

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Keep a copy of your receipts with the product specs and the rules ready to show inspectors at tournaments (not sure why a head judge would have cared about your polycarbonate use - judges rate the engineering notebooks…).


Sorry I meant ref not judge and I did have the receipt and he didn’t care he moved on to the next team at inspection by then.

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