How lenient are they with plexiglass I see that it calls for. 0625 plexiglass on the inspection checklist but would the aceppt .08 if not where can I purchase .0625 plexiglass?
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  1. this is not the official Q+A forum
  2. “plexiglass” is not the same as “lexan”
    they are two different types of plastics and “plexiglass” (what you described) is illegal
  3. a link to the webstore (if applicable) would help us recognize the product

Depending on the tournament, inspectors may or may not measure the thickness (they do here in the Los Angeles). Therefore, you are better off playing it safe and buying the thinner sheets (most VEX robots don’t need thicker sheets anyway). Home Depot and similar stores don’t sell the thinner sheets, but a specialty plastic store should. Also, remember that you are allowed to use Lexan (polycarbonate), not plexiglass. The best way to find it if you can’t find a specialty store is to buy online (you can often get large sheets that you can use for multiple robots instead of buying many smaller sheets).

We bought our plexiglass here but it isn’t too strong and can bend.

This is the link we don’t need a ton of it [|0&pl=1&currentURL=/pl_Yes_4294836009_19_s?Ntt=plexiglass&Ns=p_product_price|0&facetInfo=Yes


I know I was asking here because I’d get a better answer from you guys

The product in your link is acrylic sheet (Plexiglass), and is not legal for the VEX Robotics Competition. You want polycarbonate (Makron, Lexan) instead. Here is a link to one source for 1/16" polycarbonate sheet:

I hate to be annoying but would this work we would kind’ve prefer to have it for a competition this weekend

The rules call for “up to 1/16,” which is .0625 inches. The product in the link is 3/32" (or .093") which is 50% thicker than VRC rules allow. Where are you? Maybe someone on the forum can help you find a local source.

Omaha, NE i’ll look a little harder too though

Thanks just bought will be here on friday