Do any of you know if it’s legal to use plexiglass on our scissor lift to keep it from getting stuck on the lift? I remember reading a guy couldn’t use a plexiglass box to put in a gyroscope because it helped or improved the robot as a “decoration” if i remember reading it correctly.

Yes, as long as you don’t use more than the 12" * 24" sheet and the correct specifications etc.

Thanks! btw is there a way I could say I have plexiglass for function use and plexiglass as a decoration? Therefore we could use more than the 12’’ x 24’’ restriction.

As long as it is STRICTLY decoration you can use as much as you want. It cannot provide any structural support what so ever. We have well over the 12" x 24" on our robot, but it is 100% nonfunctional decoration.

Also, plexiglass is not what you want to use. Plexiglass is not “nonshattering”. Plexiglass is a brand name for acrylic sheets. You want to use Lexan (or any type of polycarbonate). Most people use the terms interchangably, but they are TOTALLY different things.

Plexiglass = Bend it = Breaks into pieces quite easily

Lexan (polycarbonate) = Bend it = Bend it more = Bend it more = Basically won’t shatter

I think we may have some polycarbonate, we have a big box of plexiglass and theres like a couple sheets of see through green and a snow white colored pieces, not sure.

I attached a picture (horrible sketches) of what it is, I figured plexiglass should be able to handle the amount of force being brought down.

Thing is…

I don’t think plexiglass is legal (it is not "non shattering). Plexiglass is acrylic, which is not listed above. Lexan is not that expensive…I get my on amazon. It is way more durable and won’t get you into trouble at inspections. It would suck to build a robot only to be turned away at inspections because you used an improper type of plastic.

You can get it much cheaper if you dig, but here is an example (I usually find 3 sheets for about $15)

Edit: After reading the rule again, I’m not sure. Is Plexiglass (acrylic) a type of ABS plastic?

I mean plexiglass is still a synthetic plastic with quite strong compounds, it still takes a lot to shatter it. I only have used plexiglass on the decorations but have not built the “functional” part yet, so I guess I could switch over to Lexan just to make sure and not have to deal with the fuss if there’s an issue.

I would use Lexan just to be certain. We accidentally used plexiglass during Sack Attack. We thought we had Lexan (we were a new team at the time). We used it to make our trough to hold the sacks. During competition one of the students banged the robot a bit to hard against the corner of a table…trough exploded. We were in a panic for about 20 minutes until we rigged up a fix.

Moral of story…plexiglass breaks easier than you may think…use Lexan…you won’t regret it.

Yeah I will definitely try it out tommorrow!