Plugging Battery into wall during use

My school has a door challenge where all the teachers decorate their doors around the holiday time and the administration votes on a winner. My Engineering/Robotics teacher always has something interactive that has to do with vex. Last year, we had a crank that made 3d printed snow go down and up. This year, we added a cortex and a button to start a snowman that spins. The only problem is the battery. Would it brick the battery if I were to plug it into the wall while the program runs? I am using V5.

Assuming you’re using the old Cortex and the old rechargable batteries. For the display, why not use a 7.2V regulated power supply in place of the battery? Does your school have an electronics lab? Then they should have some variable voltage regulated power supplies sitting around!

Note: it needs to be regulated…not just a “wall wart”. A quick check of amazon: this should work:

I wouldn’t try this with V5…

Im sorry for not specifying, I am using V5. Should I just tell the teacher that she will have to replace the battery every once in a while?

In that case, all the charging regulation is built into the battery, and it would probably be fine, see this post: What happens if a V5 battery is overcharged?

It is perfectly okay with V5 to do this.

We have charged and used the battery at the same time with no issue.

The V5 Battery is designed to charge and run the V5 Brain at the same time. As long as you are not discharging the battery faster than what the charger can charge at (i.e. running multiple motors continuously), you’ll be able to run non-stop.