Plz Help!

I downloaded a version of easyC, and was wondering,
the way that the microcontroller is hooked up to the computer,
is through usb, converted to serial, converted to “telephone wire”
will it also work to plug the microcontroller into a 56k modem
and use it as if it was (no relle sure how to say what i want to say) but will this work?:confused:

Vex Phone Home?

No, I’m guessing it won’t work. Just because the cables may match up does not mean the communication protocols used will. You can use the telephone cables as long tether cables, or as longer cables to connect your receiver into the controller, but hooking up a 56k modem to the Receiver ports probably won’t do anything except possibly fry your controller/modem/warranty.

Now where can i buy just the hookup from USB to “telephone”

And its OK if i fry the modem because they are so old, ive got 12 of um

To buy the wire that you know will work you have to go to and get the programming kit. If you plan on doing much programming I would suggest using that. It’s probably possible to make your own wire if you know what you’re doing but the USB to serial box thing does more than just convert it. I believe it alters the signal and “cleans” it up too.

ah, im just going to buy a new programing kit
there is one on ebay ive had my eye on for $50 [it mine back off]
so im just gonna do that and get the cords so i dont f*** up my comp trying to build one.

You probably won’t screw up your computer with a fabricated cord, it just wouldn’t work or it possibly would mess up your microcontroller.

Ok, that either.