Plz suggest anything for the newbes.

Ok, this is a very small school in a suburban area of China.
We recently started a new robotics club for vex Starstruck, which means every member is starting from the scratch, without much knowledge.
We have very limited supplies of materials and our first match is in like 3 weeks.
We need to complete a robot ASAP.
We are thinking of a robot with a fork lift which can just simply dump the stars over the fence.
Is there any other ideas for a simple robot that you guys suggest??
Thank you very much.

I think dumper bot with forklift is probably one of the simplest robots you can make in such a limited timeframe with no experience. There’s plenty of videos online on how to build a tank drive, and by searching on the forums you will see multiple videos of forklift intakes. I would really recommend not trying to build a robot by “step by step” copying a revealed robot, because then you won’t have learned anything new after you’ve finished. Take these designs as inspiration and as resources to help you solve your problems as you encounter them, but try to do as much building as you can by yourselves.

Remember that even if your robot isn’t the best by your first competition, it will likely give you guys lots of cool ideas on how to prepare yourselves for your next competition. Good luck!

I am going into this assuming that you know how a standard match works and have read the rules of Starstruck. Just make sure you have a drive base above all else. Since you just recently started, I would recommend a 4-motor tank drive like @Bobtheblob - 5327B said to keep it as simple as possible. If you don’t get anything else finished, at least you can push the stars under the fence. The forklift is the easiest design to make, yet it is one of the more flexible designs in terms of designs. You’re going to want at least 4 motors with at least a 1:5 gear ratio (Some teams are using 6 motors). If you don’t know anything about gear ratios, look on this forum. Finally, ** PRACTICE!!! **. If your team has the best designed robot, but no driving experience and you’re going against a standard design with a great drive team, the standard team will win 98% of the time. Also, if you have time, try to add a gear ratio for your drive base.

Build first, then program. You guys are fairly new, so don’t waste time coding first, then building and seeing that your code doesn’t match the robot that you built

On the programming side of things:
There is a 4 motor tank drive sample program in RobotC. You may want to look at this old threadfor some helpful links. As for the autonomous mode, just make a driving forward one with the star.

Just some extra things for during a tournament:
-When you get to the tournament, the other teams should be more than happy to help you out if, for example, there’s something wrong with your code.
-Don’t stress. Nobody’s at their best on their 1st competition. There will likely be another team there as well who just started.
-Don’t focus on winning just yet. Just get some good ideas for modifications.
-Make friends on opposing teams. You can talk about possible designs

I guess I went a little overboard with this, but I relate. Nobody told me any of the rules or the basics of robotics. I had to figure it out myself and it took a good chunk of my season. I don’t want to see that happen with your team. GL and HF.

Thank you guys very much.
The feedback you guys gave are invaluable to our team.
We decided to embark on a simple 4-motor tank drive first and improve it later.
Hope it works out well.
Once again, THX!!!