Hello and welcome to PMOG.

This is a multiplayer game where you lay mines on different URL’s. If another person playing PMOG comes across the URL, they trip the mine and YOU get a point.

BUT beware: that person can seek vengeance and your next mine may blow up in your face.

There are many other ways to gain points. Doing missions is fun and so is creating them. Many ways to rack up points, all while in a competitive environment.

PM me with your email address and I will give you an invite.

The link is for more info.

if you would like an invite PM me with your email address :smiley:


This be my turf…:smiley:

Oh… kay…

PMOG is a browser-based MMO (sort of). It turns your browser into the game (Firefox only).

And if you invite someone you get a boat load of points…

lol not really a boat-load

and sunny, hmm…maybe you achieve a significant amount of posts and you can call this your turf…lol jk