Pneaumatic Claw 18" Restraint

Hey guys, I was thinking about using a claw on my robot and I want to use pneumatics, but I am unsure about how to get it to fit within 18". I know that motor claws are able to fold back around the robot, but pneumatic claws cannot do this. Also, I did not think a flip out lock would be practical as pneumatics weigh a lot. How are most other teams getting around this? (Btw, I looked at multiple other claw threads and couldn’t find any other info on this topic).

Teams I’ve see using pneumatic claws all have flip out claws. Pistons don’t really weigh that much.

To me it seems like you are asking 2 questions here, how do you make a pneumatic claw deploy, and then how can you fit that within the 18 by 18 by 18 size limitations.

A huge disadvantage of the pneumatic claw is the fact that it cannot fold around the robot like most motorized ones do. Generally, you would have the claw flip out using hinges as it is the easiest way I can think of. I agree with the statement above that pneumatics do not weigh a lot at all, especially the pistons, and I believe that pistons weight even less than motors do. You would just essentially create your claw that folds out with the hinge and then measure the c channels of the claws themselves to be as large as possible to be able to fit in dimensions.

Our team is currently making a pneumatic claw and we’re doing exactly what infinity said. Keep the claws closed and fold it all the way back so it’s at an angle and not perpendicular to the ground. Here’s the locking mechanism we’re using.

We are building a pneumatic claw and by using a system of hinges and rubber bands we have it flip down when the match starts. We found that the weight wasn’t too much and it is working just fine. We will have an example on our YouTube channel tomorrow

We got around the problem by simply folding our claw back and shutting it on the tower. When it opens at the start of the match, it flips down.