Pneumatic Air Compressor

This is the first year that my team is using pneumatics, I have been searching different topics and couldn’t find the answers to my questions. My questions go: 1) Will any bike pump fit the Schrader valve? 2) If the fitting does not fit the valve, where can I find one? 3) Is there any specific recommendations or things to look out for when searching cheaper pumps or portable compressors? Any advice or recommendations are appreciated, thank you for your time!

you can use a bike pump thats what my team uses

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Any bike pump works, but our teams often use a cordless inflator from Ryobi


I hope IFI has a revenue sharing agreement with Ryobi for all the air compressors roboteers are buying!

Unironically recommend bicycle pump. A good one will be faster and quieter than the standard ryobi air compressor.


Thank you so much for all of your input! I will definitely look into a standard bike pump.

Originally used a bike pump, and switched to the ryobi inflater for better precision. bike pump was a bit of a guessing game

Edit: Not that it didn’t have a gauge, but at least with the one that we had accuracy give or take ~10 psi was the best we could do.

Make sure that whatever you use has a guage so you know what pressure you are running it at.

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